25+ beautiful acrylic nail art designs

Acrylic nail art designs   Acrylic nail art: Sharp nails look is good and more attractive and there is one risk feeble edges break up easily. If you are a learner then you try out easy Acrylic nail art designs they don’t consume more time.You can use these acrylic nail arts in any occasions, friend’s wedding… Read More »

25+ beautiful Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails   Getting Shellac nails by yourself at home is easy but it takes time to get the saloon results. Follow below simple steps to get the idea and on how to do Shellac Nails. Easy to do the shellac style Nails at home. 1) Collect all things which needed for shellac nails( Bluesky Shellac Nails Colour Polish, Base Coat,… Read More »

18+ Beautiful nail art designs for feet

Nail art for feet Here are some of the most beautiful nail art collections for your feet. If you would like to share your nail art please share them below using the facebook comments form. Below designs can also be used for: toenail art, toenail polish designs, toenail art designs, toenail polish, toenail design ideas, sexy toenails, toe nail art designs, toe… Read More »

Most amazing 30+ Diamond Nail art designs

These are mind blowing diamond nail art designs.  Diamond nails are pretty common if you come from celebrity world or a party freak. If you do not have much to do with your fingers, this goes pretty good for you for any occasion. Diamond nails gives you rich look for any occasion. You can get… Read More »

How to use nail art stickers

What are nail art stickers?How do nail art stickers work? Nail art stickers are tiny designer pieces which are easy to go on your nails when used them properly according to the instructions provided on the nail art sticker packet. There are many types of nail art stickers available in the market. They are easy… Read More »

22+ Simple and easy nail art designs you can do yourself

Your nails play an important role in your look. Summer and Short nails are of huge trend now. The good thing for nail art fans who have got short nails is that you don’t bother about artificial nails, you can create the best and creative nail arts with short nails also. I have tried these fashion nail… Read More »

30 Best Nail Art Image Tutorials Gives You Sexy Nails

Searching for a tons of Simple Tutorials for beautiful nails?  You can find here some of the simple step by step tutorial to design your nail art. Wash your hands in warm soapy water and dry them well before following  these simple steps to get the beautiful nail arts on yourself! 1) Clean the nail polish using a… Read More »

25+ Simple and beautiful Japanese 3D nail art

Beautiful Japanese 3D nail art   Searching for Japanese 3D nail art..?? Here are the best Japanese nail art designs pictures for you. Go over the designs and get highlighted in your party with your neatly done nails. You can take a print out of the designs and carry with you to your nail art . How much… Read More »

Do not miss to know about Artificial (fake) nails

How to apply fake nails   Lots of reasons for applying fake nails like you have no time, not in mood all the times for a nail saloon visit etc., For such situations fake nails are very useful and gives you the uniqueness in any occasion. If You have original sharp nails then you have to take… Read More »

25+ Most Creative Halloween Nail Arts

Halloween nails   If you are searching for simple and easy Halloween nails tutorials then this is the best page for creative Halloween nail arts. If you want to highlight your nails in the Halloween Party this nail art article is for you. How to design the Halloween nails: 1) Cut the nails length and shape which is… Read More »

15 Creative funny nail arts

Nail art is fun.Its more fun when you add your creativity and sense of style to the designs. Here are most rarest collections of the Nail Arts where creativity has taken a new turn. Artists spend lots of time on creating these beautiful nail arts but maintaining these nail arts is equally tougher. People who doesnt have… Read More »

How to get a perfect manicure at home

Perfect manicure at home   Do not waste your money at saloons for a manicure. It is absolutely waste of time and money. You can get a perfect manicure done at home for much cheaper rates. All you need is spend same amount of time at home rather than at saloons. Everyone assumes, if they… Read More »

10+ Amazing Stiletto Nail Designs

Stiletto nails Do you know there is a category called Stiletto in the art of nail designs? Well for those who are not yet aware of that term, it’s usually used in the sandals department. A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel found on some bootsand shoes, usually for women.It is named after the stiletto dagger, the phrase being first recorded… Read More »