Color changing nail polish

Do you know there are nail polishes which are called as Color changing nail polish?

These nail polish changes color from one to another based on the color add ons they have used when making it. You would not be able to get all rainbow colors in one bottle 😉 but you you will be happy to see the nail polish you wear keeps changing from one color to another through out your day.

Usually these nail polish change color when you go out into sun or when it is too dark. Not very lately, there were something called Glow in Dark nail polishes which are released. Though it was not a huge hit due to its florescent colors.  Check out the below video, where it would be shown that the color has been changing.

Color changing nail polish
Color changing nail polish

The color of nail polish here changing based on your body temperature. When you dip into cold water the color turns blue and remains blue for some time.

Is’nt it fun?? 🙂

Few more pics of Color changing nail polish



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